The Top 5 plugins in 2022

Wordpress is known as "Open source", meaning that anyone can write software for it to keep the possibilities endless, including plugins. But which plugins are worthwhile and really add something to your website? We have made the top 5!

Anyone can create a plugin and upload it to the WordPress plugin library. Sure, it has to meet requirements and everything has to be within the framework of the terms and conditions for real publication in the library but at least the possibility is there.

So what are useful plugins? Which plugins have good impact on your website? And what are handy plugins that will take some work off your hands? We have made the top five for 2022.

Translated with (free version)


In aanvulling op onze vorige blog is dit een belangrijke. Wordfence gaat al een aantal jaar mee en is gespecialiseerd in het veilig houden van jouw website. Zo heb je o.a. opties voor 2-staps verificatie, malware scanner, een firewall etc…
Kortom, om de veiligheid van je website te optimaliseren is dit zeker een belangrijke om te hebben. Wordfence heeft veel kunnen optimaliseren de afgelopen jaren waardoor hun technologieën volledig geoptimaliseerd zijn en de plugin weinig impact op je laadtijd zal hebben.

Price: Free, Premium version from $99

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is still the ideal plugin to use as a guide for your SEO. They allow you to make your page as good as possible for Google, for example, Yoast SEO indicates whether the texts are easy to read, whether your keywords are used enough and a number of other points that Google values.
Yoast SEO also has a Premium version in which you have access to even more tools and resources to optimise your site for Google.

Price: Free, Premium versie from €99


Imsanity is an optimisation plugin that takes care of resizing images. There is a limit you set and each new image is checked for size. If the size is larger, Imsanity automatically resizes it for you!
Do you suffer from a slow website, large images or storage problems? Then give this plugin a try. Each new image is optimised, but there is also an option to retroactively resize all other content to a better size as well.

Price: Free


Woocommerce is still one of the best e-commerce plugins; in some areas, Woocommerce even beats Shopify (That doesn’t mean Woocommerce is better). Woocommerce also offers a great range of add-ons to expand. So you can use some add-ons to compose your shop exactly the way you want it.
Woocommerce often requires some coding knowledge. Could we help you with this? Please let us know!

Price: Free

Duplicate Post

By default, there is no option to duplicate posts. Sometimes it can be convenient to duplicate a page or a blog post because you want to keep the same structure. Then this plugin is ideal to help you out. This way, you can duplicate pages and keep the content that is on the page.

Price: Free

Do you have further questions about certain plugins or want to know more about our services? Then be sure to let us know! We’ll be happy to take a look with you.