Optimize your WordPress website today with these 5 steps

Do you have a Wordpress website but think you can get more out of it? There are a number of simple steps you can perform that will allow you to make your website a little faster or google optimised.

1. Install a cache plugin

Using a cache plugin can improve your website’s load time by storing certain data in visitors’ “cache.” When a visitor visits your website, the browser has to load all the content of your site, such as: images, content, certain functions/codes and other elements. This can take time and slow down the loading time of your website.

By using a cache plugin, the plugin can store the content of your website in the visitor’s cache, so the browser does not have to load all the content each time the site is revisited. This can significantly reduce your website’s load time, which improves the user experience and can reduce your site’s bounce rate.

A cache plugin can also employ other techniques to improve your website’s load time, such as compressing files, resizing images and combining multiple JavaScript and CSS files into one file.

So all in all, it is highly recommended to use a cache plugin for your WordPress website because it can contribute to faster loading time, better user experience and less server load.


2. Compress your images

Image compression means reducing the file size of an image without significantly reducing the quality of the image. High-quality images can slow down a Web site and increase loading time. Compressing images can reduce the image file size, resulting in faster load times and thus a better user experience.

There are several ways to compress images, such as manually changing the image settings in an image editing program or using a plugin such as “Imagify” or “Imsanity” in WordPress.

We install that second option by default in our client websites. This plugin automatically compresses images when they are uploaded to WordPress and also sets the maximum size of images that can be uploaded. That way, our clients no longer have to think about image size, Imsanity takes care of everything for them.


3. Install Yoast-SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular plugin for WordPress designed to help website owners optimize their website for search engines such as Google. The plugin offers numerous features and tools that can help improve your website’s search engine findability.

One of the most important features of Yoast SEO is the ability to add meta tags and meta descriptions to pages and posts on your website. These tags help search engines understand what the page or post is about and can also be displayed in search results.
An added benefit of Yoast SEO is that the plugin automatically generates an XML sitemap that you can upload to Google Search Console. This makes it easier for Google to find and index all the pages on your website.

In short, Yoast SEO is a very useful plugin for WordPress users who want to optimize their website for search engines. The ability to automatically generate an XML sitemap and upload it to Google Search Console is an added benefit that makes the plugin even more valuable for website owners who are serious about SEO.


4. Remove unnecessary plugins

Removing unnecessary plugins is essential for your WordPress website for several reasons. First, having too many plugins can slow down your website and reduce its performance. Each installed plugin adds extra code to your website, increasing loading time and decreasing speed. This can lead to a poor user experience and lower search engine rankings.

In addition, plugins can also pose security risks. Each plugin can represent a potential security hole that hackers can exploit to gain access to your website. If you have too many plugins, it’s also harder to keep track of which of them are regularly updated and which are not. Older plugins that are no longer updated can pose security risks.

Therefore, it is important to keep only those plugins that are essential to the operation of your website and that are updated regularly. It is also wise to check that the plugin you are using is compatible with the current version of WordPress. If not, it may cause problems with your website and you should switch to an alternative.


5. Choose a good hosting package

A good hosting package is essential for a fast and accessible website. This is because the hosting company that runs your website is responsible for providing the infrastructure needed to run your website. This includes server space, bandwidth and hardware updates.

A good hosting package can ensure that your website loads quickly and is always available to your visitors. This is important because slow or unavailable websites are frustrating for users and can lead to loss of traffic,revenue and Google ranking. A reliable hosting provider can also improve the security of your website and help you resolve any technical issues.

While the temptation may be to choose the cheapest hosting option, it is important to remember that “cheap” is often “expensive to buy” when it comes to hosting. The cheapest option may offer limited server space and bandwidth, which can lead to slow load times and unreachable websites. In addition, the customer service of cheap hosting providers can often be limited, which means you won’t receive quick and adequate assistance when technical problems arise.

With us, you can also get hosting options that give you an accessible point of contact. We find that our customers like this because it means they have everything under one roof. When they have questions or comments about their website, they can ask us and we will take care of the rest.

It is therefore important to invest in a quality hosting package that suits the needs of your website. This does not mean that you should always choose the most expensive option, but you should pay attention to the specifications, such as server space and bandwidth, as well as the reputation of the hosting company. This way, you can be sure that your website will remain fast, secure and accessible to your visitors.