WordPress, Webflow or Squarespace? Which suits you!

Wix, Webflow, Joomla, Drupal.... Meanwhile, there are so many different methods to create a website, but what is the best method?


WordPress has been a relevant player for years, perhaps THE most relevant player. If you consider the durability with a well-built website and the numerous extensions that are often also available for free. Sure, there are drawbacks too. Here we list the pros and cons for you:


  • Free. WordPress itself is free and the numerous plugins/extensions often too. Woocoommerce is WordPress’ webshop plugin, this one is also free
  • Widely deployable. Whether you want a one-pager, webshop, small SME or large website, WordPress can be used for everything
  • SEO friendly. Because of WordPress’ long history, it knows exactly what is useful for your findability.


  • Plugins. Precisely because there is such a wide range for plugins, you have to be careful which plugin you do and don’t want to work with. Therefore, look for plugins that have good reviews or that have recently been updated.
  • Updates. Because WordPress is evolving a lot (and the plugin makers often too), updates are a bit quicker. So make sure you keep a close eye on the updates. Just be careful not to stress when you see open updates, that’s normal in WordPress. Our tip: Find a good balance in that or outsource it.


Webflow is also becoming bigger among designers lately. This is because it allows designers to still create a website via a non-code workflow. However, if you want to incorporate more complex elements, your technical knowledge quickly becomes inadequate and you usually have to hire a developer.
Here are the pros and cons of Webflow:


  • Flexible to use. In Webflow, you have many settings to customise your website down to the smallest details (some knowledge required).
  • Affordable. Webflow is not expensive and extensions are relatively cheap


  • Difficult to use. As I just mentioned, it is easy for designers because you work with a certain design logic. So a certain web/technical knowledge is also useful, but when you want to go a bit further in the development of your website, it is usually difficult to use further



Squarespace is another well-known platform in which you can build your website. It is easy to use and unlike Webflow, you also need less experience for this. There are also a number of templates you can build on. Still, there are some drawbacks:


  • Easy to use. No knowledge needed to get started
  • Price/Quality. For the money, you can get by relatively easily. You will spend around €30 – €50 per month for a normal site


  • Difficult to expand. Squarespace has few options to vary and expand unlike WordPress and Webflow.
  • Template focused. Squarespace is more focused on temporary/easy websites, you notice this in the limited design choices you have.
  • Limited use. For a webshop, for example, you don’t need to go to Squarespace. Then you’re better off looking at Woocommerce; A webshop plugin for WordPress.

Is there an in-between solution?

Yes! We have found an in-between solution. Because we are big fans of WordPress and still want to offer you an affordable solution, we created a template system. Compare it a bit to Squarespace but in WordPress and designed sustainably. We set up the template for you and then you can use the preset options yourself! And all in WordPress.
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