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1. Introduction

We like to make a good start by scheduling an introduction (this can also be done online). Here we introduce ourselves briefly and try to find out who you are and what your project is about so that we can work together in the same way and with the same vision. Furthermore, we get to know each other by asking questions and scheduling a new appointment.

2. Plan of approach

After our introductory meeting, we will gather all useful information to create a Plan of Action. In it we look back at what has been said and what the intention of your project will be. We will make a plan with guidelines, development plans and an indication of price and duration.

3. Proposal

After we have been able to create a Plan of Action, it is time for the 2nd meeting. Here we present our findings, our plans and our thinking. We elaborate on the different steps we will take to achieve the desired result and show you that we have a strategy to achieve the best result for you.

4. Start project

After agreeing to our proposal, it’s time to roll up our sleeves. We get to work! Completely as agreed, no strange and unexpected costs…. A deal = a deal, everyone likes that, so why complicate things unnecessarily? During the project we will schedule some control moments so that we can discuss with you the progress and any peculiarities. This way you also stay informed about the process.

5. Completion

We are very proud to have completed a successful project and we are glad you gave our team this opportunity. After completion, we do a handover where we go over everything again. Furthermore, we offer aftercare to continue the quality in the new work. Furthermore, we are always available and you can always contact us with questions or new work to continue to grow. We are convinced that you will have a positive experience with our team and that you will be satisfied with the result!