A fresh start

The goal is to make your company/product interesting to your customers. Because of the amount of experience we have gained we know exactly how to build a strategy that fits your brand/company. We analyze your current situation and create a customized strategy to address your target audience and how you can challenge the current competition.

onze strategie



Before we start creating a plan, we want to know what industry we are working in. That’s why we often hold an on-site or online meeting to get to know each other better, but also to find out what you would like to see changed at the moment. Then we pull together to see what the best strategy is to put your business back on the map!

We look at the competitors, examine what strong aspects they incorporate into their strategy and in this way try not to “reinvent the wheel.” Then we put our creative brain to work, adding new ideas, findings and experiences to bring a strong and personalized plan to the table.



There are countless ways to make your business stand out more. . Both in Google and as a decisive choice for your future partner. This has everything to do with findability, presentation, performance and quality. The first part is not always in your control and that can be quite frustrating. It is therefore useful to have a plan so that you have a clear idea of your current position and what we are going to work towards.

In such a plan, you can focus on rebranding your business, among other things. You can also choose to build on the brand you already have in place and take it to the next level. A completely different approach is to focus mainly on ad-focused tasks and optimizing your current situation.

So there is a different problem for everyone and a different approach. We understand that and want to help you with it!