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The web design trends in 2022

Every year brings its own trends; so does 2022. We have figured out what this year's trends are and have written it all out for you.

Design plays an important role in this. You may be quick to think that you are currently making enough sales, have enough customers and have nothing to fear from your competition but you are wrong. Every entrepreneur is for the most part "on" and busy with innovation and growth opportunities, your competition probably too. How great is it then if you are ahead of your competition and all the attention goes to your website instead of the competitor's!
Therefore, we have listed everything that is currently going on in 2022; How you anticipate this is up to you...


Minimalism is making a big comeback. Where there used to be as many attention-grabbing elements in your site as possible, in 2022 it turns out that minimalism is a lot nicer. It promotes the reading time of your visitors, it paints a much better picture of what you want to show (there is simply less to be distracted by) and that way everything sticks a lot better.

With a quiet/clean design, you simply give your visitors fewer distractions, you can better highlight what you want to show because of the minimal layout, and that way you will also be left with more leads (more leads = more customers).

Quality images

Everyone will think at this point: Yes, of course it's important... But there are still so many websites where the images are grainy, poor and/or out of proportion. That's really not acceptable these days and a big part of your image will be affected by that.

Decide to hire a photographer or ask an acquaintance to take some great photos for you for a small fee, it's not that much trouble. Be aware that the content you show in the photo is also very important. Try not to get too much chaos in a photo, but keep it clean, clear and think about what you notice about your photo. Based on that, decide what is and is not beautiful for your online portfolio/website, as well as in your offline imagery.


Again this year, we see it coming up a lot: CTAs (Call To Action), and rightly so. Think carefully about how you can properly guide your customers through your website. Place your CTAs in clear places, with striking colors so that people have a chance to approach you. 1 tip I want to give you, put a CTA in your header.

The header is generally always in view. That way, visitors can automatically always click on your CTA as well. A visitor's concentration arc has become more of a concentration point these days, so make sure you help them and inform them well.

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